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A story driven musical game about a dragon, a princess and a prince who get entangled in each other's love lives.

A collaboration game by Kyon Edelenbosch (Birthday Worm), Matteo Karkazis and Mark Lohmann (Moon Moon Moon).


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The Last Dragon.zip 96 MB


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That was a very funny game to play, I loved the music too! <3


thanks inky, glad you had a good time <3


Awesome musical game! I made a playthrough without (pesky) comments. Check it out:


omg thanks so much for playing our game and making a video of it! means a lot. good luck with your channel!


This is nice, you guys have a very good talent is storytelling and developing :D

Thank you for playing <3 
have a good one!


you people got amazing creative talent for showcasing stories you can make a movie with these characters. the music was good, story is out of the box :D

Thanks so much for playing our game and your kind words :) 

Really enjoyed watching it. Cheerio!


Feels like the dragon and a prince has the same type of tastes when it comes to girls. It was a struggle keeping the dragon's neck straight while trying to talk to the prince and the princess. The prince's crown looks like upside down diaper XD. But all is well at the end... I think?

<3 This was a lovely stream! It's so funny how you showed almost every emotion a human can have during the musical song. 
Thanks for playing our game.
And yes, all is well in the end, at least until the next time we hear from the prince... 🤴

A short ,weird and funny love triangle with plenty of humour thrown in. The voices of the characters suit them well and the art style is nice and it felt like you were watching a pantomime.



Thank you so much for playing the game, the Youtube video and for your feedback! We appreciate it very much :)


Really enjoyed your game! I love weird humor like this! Only complaint was how short it was. :P Can't wait to see what else you guys come out with! :)

Thanks so much for playing the game and making a video of it! We enjoyed watching it a lot. We're working on our next game right now, and we're planning to make it longer. Stay tuned! 


I'm so glad I came across this! You guys are so damn hilarious. Keep it comin.

Amazingly wholesome video! Thanks for covering our game and good luck with your nice channel.


So charming! I couldn't stop grinning when I heard your smiles within the singing


Thanks for your comment, wattenslaafje. We smiled even more while reading what you wrote! Cheerio

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ahhahahah please make other story..die now

Ha! Thanks for playing and recording the game!
We're actually working on a new game/story right now. Stay tuned.