Our First Donation! (because we forgot to turn them on sooner...)

Hello, Mark Lohmann from Bonte Avond here. 👻

A Towerfull Release

The beloved tower we've all come to love was born during a GM48 game-jam, Halloween 2019.  Ever since then it's been such a great time seeing all the responses, streams, and love.
This year we released Tower Guy Remastered. We spent quite some time polishing, bug-fixing, and adding extra content the game. The release went great: we sat back and celebrated for doing a pretty ok-job.

But then...

DJ-scratch-sound and hard-cut to yesterday when, during a Bonte Avond Discord call, we suddenly realized we forgot to enable donations, add PayPal, or add any sort of chance for people to support us that way. 💀
We want to spend our lives making funny, bizarre, and heartfelt indie-games for you, so this was pretty not-smart. The thing is, we were still figuring out what it meant to run a game studio together. We've got things more under control now!

Bonte Avond inc.

Because we want to grow as a studio we fixed this yesterday, as soon as we found out about it, and this morning we woke up to our first donation :) ✨wow!
Thank you, it means a lot! 

All the support, whether it was a play-through stream, a mention on Twitter, or just a little message, it really means the world to us and it has personally given me a constant happy feeling throughout this strange year.
...and in case you've been dying to donate us a few bucks for Tower Guy Remastered, we won't hold you back any longer! 

Alright, thanks for reading this little update. While you're all enjoying stomping around as this tower man, we're working hard on our next real release: Everybody Wham Wham 

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Thank you! ♥

Tower Guy's face when we told him this story:

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