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Join Tower Guy on his bizarre, comedic, and heartfelt adventure! 

“Tower Guy”, you ask? “Like a half man/half tower?”.

Why yes! Tower Guy is a short narrative adventure about a deserted half tower/half man. Alone in a world full of humans, he tries to find his way in life and learns what true friendship really means. Join Tower Guy and experience character-growth (literally) like you've never seen before.

...oh, and did we mention the game is filled to the brim with original indie music? That almost makes up for all the hardship Tower Guy has to endure. Almost...

Happy Halloween! 🎃

-- Download the Tower Guy music EP here! --

Hey everyone! We just released a new game called Everybody Wham Wham. It has the same vibe of Tower Guy but its our first "bigger" game. Would love to know what you think <3 Thanks for all the support so far!


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Sincerely very good storytelling. Continuation of the same concept as the dragon guy, MAYBE even better. Very funny, and humorous. Graphics and engine felt very smooth and the soundtrack is very fitting.


A lovely and unique fever dream. I liked the music too :D


Thank you for playing! :)

You can listen to the music for free here if you want: 

Thanks for the link! I'll check it out ^^


This game tells a perfect story of acceptance or the lack of it, and finally the complete destruction of the world because of it. It makes no sense and I love it!


Hey! Haha, that is such a great description of the game. glad you enjoyed it :)

We all watched the video, we really loved it! thank you so much.



Thanks for making a tower guy video!

sending positive tower noises your way!


This was a great game! Absolutely fun to play and the message was beautiful and definitely came through. The game looked great and was super clean and smooth. The little humour in it was well done and done really well! 

All in all, a great game to play and experience and a great message that was given through!

We already replied to your video on youtube, which we loved. But just wanted to say thanks for your lovely comment here and hope you're doing well :)


- Polished game page

- nice screen shots

- nice gameplay

Very good game! Appreciate the work!


Hey, thank you for playing and commenting :)
We appreciate your work! ;)


Hiiii, I've made a video about the game and I wanted to share some feedback about it :) hopefully it is useful to you :D

-The visual style is quite good and very well polished fitting the game perfectly.

-The story is quite short, but quite awesome as it isn't longer than necessary.

-The game mechanincs are quite well done and felt quite solid.

-Voice acting quite on point, I really loved it.

-The "jokes" in the game were quite fun and didn't felt forced, they are very good.

In conclusion, the game is great and I hope you keep working on new ones. Hopefully this is useful for you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks so much for playing Tower Guy and your elaborate comment.
 Good luck with your channel!

You are welcome ^^


Puberty is such a magical time.


Well, that was amazing. Thanks so much for playing.
Loved the stream.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :{D

Hello, I am stuck lol. What do I have to do after I approach the don't bring the tuba guy?

Hello, Bonte Avond Support here to help you!

Go to the left. (keep walking, even behind the house)

Thanks for playing, and have a good day!

Thanks :)


Loved it! Strange, charming. I'm glad it was voice acted.

Aw thank you! 🥰
Hope you have a good day and a lovely christmas


I played this without reading anything and I had a blast, it's so funny and the story is pretty simple but it's pretty clear, I loved the artstyle and the sound effects, congratulations for the amazing work!

Thanks for playing our game and for your kind words. 
Enjoy your holidays x


I enjoyed it very much. I added Japanese subtitles. Thanks for the fun experience.

Wow! That's amazing. Thanks so much for translating our game for your video. Gonna share this on our Twitter right now, the world should know! 




Aww man twas so cute hahaha

Thank you! <3

tower guy blushed when he read that 🥰


This game was bizarre but amazing. I never expected something like this. It was awesome!

Thank you so much for playing. We loved your stream, super funny.
Can't wait to see more from you!


I love the game and also like how the developer responded to my video! BTW beautiful music!

Thank you ♥♥♥


This is the cutest and most confusing game I've ever played about someone with questionable parentage. 

And that voice acting *chefs kiss*

Thanks so much for playing our game. We loved watching your stream a lot! We've got some other free games if you want to hear more indie songs and confusing cute characters. Like this one!

Thx again and have a good day :)


Oh, I would love to play your games, they look super amazing, would be possible to have Mac version?

Hi. thanks for your interest in our games and for reaching out. 
We've looked into exporting it for Mac, and hope to bring you a version soon! Stay tuned while we work this out for you! :)

We'll update this page when we've done so

Great! :)

Works with WINE without problem, but would it be possible to create a Linux native version? :)

Hey! Great that you've found a workaround 
We'll look into this asap, thanks for the heads-up :)

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I played it, and it's not good... It's AWESOME!

The art, music, voice, all of it is AWESOME!

I'm also very happy (and very disturbed by the legs), congrats! You just got yourself a loyal follower.

Thank you Yousefisl! Your comments mean a lot to us and basically made our day ♥
Super happy that you've enjoyed our games, we'll keep making them!


get some mighty boosh wibes! nice!

Oh wow, I didn't even know that, thanks for letting me know this exists!
Thx for playing!
- Mark L


Fun little game, it was an overall fun and nice experience. The voice acting is good, and the music is great! Looking forward for more projects. Good stuff!

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan. Thank you!


We loved watching your stream! Thanks so much for playing :)


I'm confused but I loved it

that's a perfect mix of feelings I'd say!
thanks for playing :)



Thank you for streaming our game, good luck with your yt channel! <3


Played on stream, was a hilarious experience. 10/10 would recommend


Thanks so much Eric
we loved your stream, 11/10

(for anyone reading this, make sure to check out Nyveon on Twitter or Twitch for more awesome streams! he does a lot of cool indie games and makes games himself too)



Very fun little story with a great sense of humor and a lot of fun turns. 


Thanks so much, what a compliment! <3
Thanks for playing


nice story presented in an amazing way ;) remind me of childhood shows on TeleVision full of creativity ;)


Hey! Thanks for playing our game and your super kind words :)


This... is the most awesome and disturbing game I've ever played! It should rank in the very top for the best creativity! I never played the original one but this one blew my mind on so many levels. I'll save this game forever!

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Hey! We loved watching your video. It was hilarious, thanks so much for playing our game, or like you said, "tower kid abuse or something" 

Hope to see more vids from you in the future!




Thanks so much for playing our game and for the video :)
we enjoyed watching it a lot


Great game. Got the sound working. That was on my end as usual. Check out my video if you'd like.  Happy Halloween!

Great video! thanks so much for streaming the game


this game is cool


thank you :) glad you enjoyed.